Hai Kawan BagiKata!

Saat ini (updated 2023), content team dari BagiKata sedang mengadakan volunteer open recruitment untuk beberapa posisi seperti:

  • Creative Officer
  • Content Writer (Social Media)
  • Podcast Editor
  • Podcast Producer (Female)
  • Blog Writer
  • Social Media Officer
  • Partnership Officer

Job Description

Creative Officer

  • Create visual content for BagiKata Group social media accounts (static/motion)
  • Brainstorm ideas with the content team for upcoming content

Content Writer (Social Media)

  • Research what kind of social media content is relevant to the target audience.
  • Write clear, concise, and grammatically correct copies of social media content.
  • Collaborate with the Creative team to develop on-brand visuals.

Podcast Editor

  • Edit raw recordings using audio software tools
  • Discuss with producers to create the best audio experience

Podcast Producers

  • In charge of podcasts’ episodes at BagiSuara
  • Responsible of creating shows, from end to end.

Blog Writer

  • Write related article for BagiKata Group on this site
  • Create long form article relevant to the platform’s target audience

Social Media Officer

  • Manage and post social media contents on BagiKata, JadiLega, or BagiSuara’s account
  • Create report monthly basis to analyze the platform’s social media account
  • Will manage Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok (based on your preference)

Partnership Officer

  • Look for external partnership that can collaborate with BagiSuara.
  • Collaborate with communities throughout Indonesia that are relevant with platform’s audiences.
  • Increase network for BagiKata Group’s partnership, supervised by the head of partnership of BagiKata

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